Adam Misener

ID # 47, (1798-1901)
FatherNicholas Misener (1760-1849)
MotherJane McClain (1768-1845)
BirthAdam Misener was born on 20 February 1798 at Niagara Area, Upper Canada. 
MarriageHe married Mary Miller on 21 April 1821 at Jerseyville, Ontario; Marriage information is from a history put together by Harley Misener and quoted from the Wentworth County Chronicle, February 17, 1898/ One Hundred Years/Beverly's Centenarian Still Hale and Hearty/Interesting Sketch of Uncle Adam Misener. 
MarriageHe married Helen Coleman, daughter of John Coleman and Elizabeth Lawrason, on 21 April 1831 at Gore District; The marriage date of April 21, 1831, is per Misener family information and is likely correct. The marriage bond for Adam and Helen was issued April 16, 1831. The bond, number 2456, ex C-6780, was issued at Brantford. The bondsmen were Henry Moe and Jeriah Bonham. The document is badly faded, but Helen's name is given as Eleanor. Since Helen is how her name is shown on her gravestone, this usage has been followed in this tree. The place of their marriage is unknown, but was almost certainly in the Gore District. Gore District records have not survived from the 1830s. It's possible that they were married in Brantford, but Beverly or Dumfries Townships are also possible. 
DeathHe died on 21 September 1901 at Troy, Ontario, at age 103. 
BurialHe was buried at Troy Cemetery. 
NoteThe Misener family is fortunate to have an extensive recorded history and can be found on a website moderated by Connie Duke. Another source of information is that put together by Harley Misener in the 1950s. This includes newspaper accounts of Adam Misener's 100th birth. A transcription from Harley Misener's papers is to hand and this includes a story written about Adam Misener in the Wentworth County Chronicle, February 17, 1898. It tells of Adam's 100th birthday celebration and is most useful in the sense of providing us with dates and names of places. It appears to be further elaborated upon by Harley. The newspaper story names Adam's two wives and children and is the basis for the names of these children as they appear in this tree. It should be noted that Adam's two marriages are dated as being exactly ten years apart and, which such as we have available to work with, has the appearance of being correct.

Among some of the background collected to do with Adam Misener are items sent by correspondents. One of these is an incomplete collection of pages that omits origin or attribution, but wherein Adam himself tells about his youth and a bit about the Battle of Lundy's Lane.

Apparently, a family home at the time was near to where the battle happened. He was young enough that his father would not permit him to go with other family members, evidently some of whom were in the militia, and so he stayed at home with his sisters. He told of hearing the roar of cannon and the splatter of musket balls and the next day he and his sisters went to the battle field with buckets and picked up lead shot. He also told that a fiance (unnamed) of his sister was killed at Lundy's Lane.

Death reg. 029458-01 Beverly Twp., Wentworth Co.
Adam Misener died Sept. 21, 1901. Age 103. Residence lot 7 on 3rd concession. Born Canada. Physician and informant Dr. Addison. 

Children of Adam Misener and Mary Miller

Children of Adam Misener and Helen Coleman

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