Eliza Misener

ID # 107, (1843-)
FatherAdam Misener (1798-1901)
MotherHelen Coleman (1799-1895)
BirthEliza Misener was born in 1843 at Beverly Twp, Wentworth County, Ontario. 
MarriageShe married John Vansickle on 24 February 1866 at Wentworth County; MS248 reel 17 Vol. 82, page 164 Wentworth County

No. 16 Rev'd. S. L. Downey, Church of the United Brethern

John Vansickle, 20, residing Beverly, CW, parents Daniel - Eliza
Eliza Misner, 20, residing Beverly, CW, parents Adam - Ellen
Witnesses L. R. Downey and E. Brighton, of Beverly
On Feb 24

I do herey certify that the foregoing is a true and correct statement of all marriages by me for the year ending on the 31st day of December A.D. 1868
sgd Samuel L. Downey, Minister

Two notes:

First, the bride's surname, as written, is an illegible mess. It has, foregivably, been transcribed as Nelson. Based on the parents and other information we have her name was unquestionably Misener.

Second, the year of marriage as shown above is written as 1868 at the bottom. Year entries in the county marriage registers are not always sequential, but the logic here is that we are looking at an 1866 marriage. The minister returned four marriages for the year. He, or the registrar, only shows the month and date (Feb 24 in the case of John and Eliza) after the couple's information. The number 16 as shown at the beginning is a sequential number which evidently represents the marriage lists as submitted. The page heading shows the marriages as being in 1866, which works with the pages previous and following as well as the sequential submission numbers. That these marriages were performed in 1866 is the logic of the situation. The first transcription we have to get past is the registrar's interpretation of the clergyman's report, not to mention any errors the registrar himself might make.

The only other comment we might make is that the United Brethren Church was located at Sheffield. The marriage may have been performed at a residence, perhaps the bride's, but considering that one witness was a Downey, it was likely performed at Sheffield. Either way, it was almost certainly a marriage performed in Beverly Township. 
NoteEliza's daughter's marriage register suggests that Eliza's middle initials were J.P.R. 

Children of Eliza Misener and John Vansickle

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