Adam Vrooman

ID # 1434, (1786-1854)
FatherAdam Vrooman (1753-1810)
MotherMargaret Mattice (1759-)
BirthAdam Vrooman was born on 19 December 1786. 
MarriageHe married Elizabeth McCowan.
For the present, we have no marriage information for Adam Vrooman Jr. and Elizabeth.
DeathHe died in 1854. 
NoteThe information that we have for Adam Vrooman, the son of Adam Vrooman and Margaret Mattice, presents us with some difficulty which further research may resolve. Microfilm C-2947, Bundle V10, petition 22, and dated May 2nd, 1815, at York, clearly identifies the petitioner as Adam Vrooman of the Township of Niagara and as being the son of the late Adam Vrooman of the same township, a Serjeant in the Butler's Rangers during the American Revolution and as a U.E. Loyalist. The file cover indicates that the petition was granted, though does not state the location of the land. A second petition made by Adam two years later on 18th February, 1817, at York, identifies him as Adam Vrooman of Wainfleet and indicates that he received 200 acres of land on lot 40 of the 5th Concession. (See C-2842, Vol 513, Bundle V, Miscl.) In his petition, he refers to the grant received for his first petition and states that only a third of it is improvable. He notes that the adjacent lot (not at the time granted) also has unimprovable portions, but enough for him to work with.

We may mention here that Adam Vrooman Jr. served in Capt. Cameron's Company of Incorporated Artillery during the War of 1812. This unit was apparently located in the Niagara area and may possibly have been involved in the Battle of Queenston Heights, but no information has been found linking this unit to any battles.

The Wainfleet Township census for 1828 shows heads of households only and Adam is shown in this. His household consists of one male over 16 and one under 16, and one female over 16 and 4 females under 16.

The 1949 Vrooman Family book (see page 66) states that Adam went to Dunnville. Indeed, the 1851 census places Adam and Elizabeth and their remaining family at home in Moulton Township where Dunnville is located. Abstract Indexes for land records for Moulton have been checked, but a location for Adam and Elizabeth in Moulton Township has not been found.

The 1949 Vrooman Family history book only provides us with significant trouble when it proceeds to assign the children of Arents Schuyler Depeyster Vrooman to Adam.

We find Adam Vrooman on the voters list of Moulton Township in 1849. This information appears on page 10 of Gleanings, Memories and Sketches of Moulton Township by Gladys B. Paisley, 1967, Port Colborne Citizen Press.

The 1851 census in Moulton Township in Haldimand County shows us the ages of Adam and Elizabeth (65 and 62). The 1851 census was not actually taken until January of 1852 and was to show ages as of the next birthday. This would place Adam's birth in 1787 as an approximation. The 1949 book, The Vrooman Family, dates his birth as 19 December 1786. The book has some errors, but on this point at least is likely sound.

The 1851 census shows Adam Vrooman with his wife Elizabeth. With them are James 23, David 17, and Alfred 5. (We cannot certainly identify Alfred though he may be the son of Daniel Vrooman of Norfolk County, perhaps visiting in the household).

David provides us with no difficulty, for his second marriage to Helen Procunier in 1872 clearly identifies his parents as Adam and Elizabeth. James is present as a witness in a 25 acre land transaction between John and Henrietta Vrooman of Caradoc and Elizabeth Vrooman, wife of Adam Vrooman of Caradoc. (He may also be the James Vrooman who died in 1911 in the Middlesex County House of Refuge.) The sequence of events is not clear, but also seems to indicate a sale of this 25 acre property to David Vrooman and makes reference to Adam's infirmities. For some reason, in 1854 Elizabeth has transferred this property back to John Vrooman. It would appear that her husband Adam is deceased by this time. This tree shows Adam's death as 1854. If this is not accurate, it will be close.

Since Elizabeth was with Charles Vrooman in West Nissouri Township in 1861, we can with confidence and to this point name four children for Adam and Elizabeth, namely: Charles, born approx. 1808; John, 1812; James, 1828; and David, 1835.

To this, it is now possible to add at least two daughters, daughters that we may clearly identify - Charlotte, born approx. 1829; and Margaret, born approx 1823.

Evidence for Charlotte is reasonably solid. In 1889, Chapman Brothers of Chicago published a Portrait and Biographical Album of Jackson County, Iowa. This does not appear at present to have been digitized, but the biography of Albert Haner, husband of Charlotte, has been transcribed and is to be found on Iowa GenWeb. Albert's family receives much discussion, but Charlotte's part in the biography is excellent. It states that Albert and Charlotte, daughter of Adam Vrooman, were married at Manchester, New York, on March 28, 1849. Considering the age of their oldest child as shown in the 1851 census at Moulton Township in Haldimand County (on the page previous to that listing Adam and Elizabeth), the year of 1849 may be a year or two late. At a guess, 1847 is rather closer. Charlotte's birth is given as September. 15, 1828, and will be at least close. It does exagerate the rank of Charlotte's grandfather Adam Vrooman, a seargeant in Butler's Rangers, for it presents him as a general.

This one source does provide us with Elizabeth Vrooman's maiden name, McCowan, and states that she was born near St. John, 'Nova Scotia'. This will be inaccurate, for census information in 1851 and 1861 makes clear that she was born in New Brunswick. Daughter Margaret's census information places her mother's birth in New Brunswick as well. It also dates Elizabeth McCowan Vrooman's death to 1869. Since she appeared with son Charles in West Nissouri, Middlesex County, in the 1861 census and is not present in the 1871 census, we must accept this year and trust to it a certain amount of accuracy.

Usefully, for the purpose of our genealogical research, the biography includes the following paragraph:

The mother of Mrs. Haner died near London, Canada, about 1869. The parental household included eight children, namely: Charles, now a resident of Michigan; John, who remains in Canada; Elizabeth, who died when seventy-eight years old (this is inaccurate, age 71 being closer to it); Ann is living in Canada; Margaret also there; Charlotte, (Mrs. Haner), James and David in the Dominion.


Margaret we may identify as the wife of Charles John Smith. The Smiths spent most of their later lives in Seaforth in Huron County. Margaret's death registration in 1907 shows her as Margaret Vroman Smith. Margaret in some censuses shows her mother as being born in New Brunswick, and some childrens' records place the family in Dunnville (Moulton Township) in early years. Since we can account for Margaret, the daughter of Arents Vrooman, who married George Main, and Margaret, the daughter of Solomon Secord Vrooman, who married Robert Kemp, we may say with some confidence that Margaret, the wife of Charles John Smith, is the daughter of Adam Vrooman jr. and his wife Elizabeth.

Recently found information now shows that Ann married Jacob Stover in the London District in 1837. In later years they lived in Caradoc Township. Add to this, it is now possible to say that Elizabeth Vrooman, daughter of Adam and Elizabeth, was first married to Jonathan Pursel (see notes under Elizabeth). We do not have a date for this marriage but find them present in Windham Township in the 1861 census. After the death of Jonathan Pursel, Elizabeth married a second time to David Weaver in 1870. Both men were widowers. She had at least two daughters by Jonathan Pursel, Hester and Cornelia, and possibly a third, Phoebe.

One comment remains to be made of the 1889 Haner biography. It mentions that their journey from Canada to Iowa took them through Galena, Illinois. This is in Jo Daviess County. It is difficult to imagine that they did not stop along the way and visit with Charlotte's uncle, George Laws Vrooman, who was resident in Jo Daviess County. Reasonable evidence has been found that George kept in touch with his brothers James Vrooman of Brock Township and Solomon Vrooman of Niagara, and he probably remained in touch with other family members. 

Children of Adam Vrooman and Elizabeth McCowan

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