Evelyn Maska

ID # 278, (1882-)
BirthEvelyn Maska was born on 28 January 1882 at Manhatton, New York. 
MarriageShe married Alexander Lewellyn Coleman Husband, son of Henry Husband and Jane E. Coleman, on 3 May 1905 at Bronx, New York; A reference to May 3, 1905, is made in Henry Husband's diary as to being the wedding day for Lou and Evelyn.

Familysearch.0rg provides us with a transcription of the marriage registration of Evelyn Maska and Louis C. Coleman.

Louis C. Husband, 31, single, parents Henry Husband and Jane Coleman. Born Canada 1874 (approx.)
Evelyn Maska, 23, single, parents Frederick Maska and Augusta Rehbein.
At Bronx, New York, on 3 May, 1905. 
NoteFamilysearch.org provides us with a transcription of a New York City birth registration. It reads:

Mathilde Moska, born 28 Jan., 1882, at Manattan. Parents Friedrich Moska and Louise Rehbein. His age is given as 30 and Louise's is given as 27. Both are said to have been born in 'Pommern' (in Germany.) The match isn't perfect, but Evelyn's marriage record shows her middle name as Atilda. Evelyn is said to have been born in New York, but that her parents were born in Germany. Everlyn's marriage registration shows her mother as Augusta Rehbein. She may have had two given names. The 1900 census shows Augusta Maska as a widow and with her is a daughter, approximately the correct age, whose name is said to be Otaldia.

Evelyn is in New York City at the time of the 1920 census. With her is son Albert. She is shown as a widow and they have taken in lodgers.

In later years, Evelyn was in St. Petersburg and she may be the Evelyn Husband that died in Florida in 1947. 

Child of Evelyn Maska and Alexander Lewellyn Coleman Husband

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