Henry Husband

ID # 170, (1835-1920)
FatherJohn Husband (1782-1864)
MotherAlicia Napier (1795-1837)
BirthHenry Husband was born on 4 November 1835 at Nassagaweya Twp. 
MarriageHe married Mary Alderson on 9 April 1859 at Nassagaweya, Halton County; MS248 reel 7, Vol. 17, page 21, nbr. 52.
Halton County Marriage Register

Return of marriages solemnized by John Wilkinson a minister of the C.W. Methodist New Connection for the year 31st day of December A.D. 1859.

Henry B. Husband, 25, born and residing Nassagaweya, parents John Husband and Elizabeth Husband.
Mary Alderson, 19, born Puslinch, residing Nassagaweya, parents Thos. Alderson, Jane Alderson.
Witnesses John Husband Jr., and John Alderson, both of Nassagaweya. Date of marriage April 9, 1859. 
MarriageHe married Jane E. Coleman, daughter of Daniel Coleman and Mary Able, on 26 December 1867 at Troy, Beverly Twp, Wentworth County, Ontario; MS248 reel 17, Vol. 82, page 185
Wentworth County Marriage Register

Rev. Wm. Yokom, Methodist Episcopal Church

Henry Husband, 32, born Nassagaweya, residing East Flam. Parents John and Alicia.
Jane E. Coleman, 24, born and residing Beverly. Parents Daniel and Mary.
Witnesses W. Cornwall and Jno. Coleman.
On Dec. 26, 1867.

The following is extracted from the diary of Henry Husband.

The marriage of Henry Husband and Jane Coleman was held at Troy on 26 December, 1867, at the residence of Jane's mother (Mary Abel Coleman). The transcription of Henry's diary says that they were married by Rev. W. Yokom. The witnesses were evidently a W. W. Cornwall and a ? Coleman (initial illegible). Henry's diary says that those present at the wedding included all Jane's Coleman siblings: George, Wesley, Charley, Harriet, Clarissa, Phoebe, Lucinda, as well as her aunt and uncle John and Harriet Gamble.

At some point Henry recorded that he did not believe that John Gamble approved of him, but that John and Harriet, nonetheless, provided the munificent sum of 50 dollars as a wedding gift. 
DeathHe died on 24 March 1920 at Toronto at age 84. 
BurialHe was buried on 27 March 1920 at St. Judes Anglican Cemetery, Oakville, Ontario. 
NoteJane Coleman was Henry Husband's second wife. At the time of the 1881 census there were three sons of Henry's first marriage living with them: John M., 19 , George, 17, and Charles, 15. Not listed is the oldest son William Howard (called Howard). This information comes from Val Husband Brook, a descendent of George. Jane and Henry were married in late 1867, and Charles was born in 1866. Henry's diary indicates that his first wife died of 'bleeding from the lungs.'

Information for the children and some background for Henry's first marriage comes from the printed form of Henry's diary and notes put together by Val Husband Brook.

Val Husband Brook gives the names of the sons as follows:
William Howard (called Howard)
John Matthew Cameron
George Christopher
Charles Benjamin.

She then quotes the names of Henry and Jane's children as they appear in this tree.

Death reg. 002376-20 Toronto, York Co.
Henry Husband, 84, school teacher, place of death 117 Runnymede Road. Born Ontario. Informant Wm. Speirs, 2926 Dundas. Place of burial St. Jude's. Date of death March 24, 1920.

An obituary for Henry appears in the 25th March 1920 edition of the Toronto Star. It's slightly mixed up with another story. A death notice also appears on page 17 of the same paper. It states that he died on Wednesday the 24th and that the funeral was at 12 noon, Saturday (probably at the residence). It goes on to say: Interment at Oakville on arrival of G.T.R. train leaving Sunnyside Station at 1:35.

The Ontario Genealogical Society has transcriptions for St. Judes Anglican Cemetery at Oakville. The transcription was done around 1977, but only older stones were transcribed.

The transcription gives the names of the parents of Henry Husband:

John Husband 1782-1864
Alecia Napier 1795-1873

An associated stone says that the Husbands were cousins of Lord Napier. Whether there is a double connection through the marriage of Henry's parents, isn't clear. Lord Napier was an empire builder and served in Abyssinia, Macao, and China.

Some further notes about Henry Husband's first family.

Upon the death of his wife, Mary Alderson, and prior to his marriage to Jane Coleman, Henry found it necessary to send his young sons to the homes of friends for care and nurture until he was able to re-establish family life. Howard went to live with George and Anne Stranger. Henry makes mention of this in his diary. As it transpired, George and Anne had no children of their own and when Henry remarried and brought home his sons, the Strangers asked if Howard might remain with them. Just where Howard was on this arrangement isn't recorded, but he is with the Strangers in the 1871 census in Nassagaweya and only two households away from Henry and Jane. He is also not far from the rather large family of his uncle, William Husband, Henry's brother. Henry, in his diary, says that Howard remained with the Strangers for a time, then went out to work and finally moved west to Saskatchewan. Val Husband Brook, who published the diary, believed that Howard died in 1903. He was still living at the time of the 1911 census, however. It should be noted that at the time of the 1881 census at Nassagaweya, he was working as a farm laborer with his Uncle William Husband.

Information for the names, locations, and dates for the parents and grandparents of Henry Husband are taken from Henry's diary, a transcription of which has been provided by Val Husband Brook. 

Children of Henry Husband and Mary Alderson

Children of Henry Husband and Jane E. Coleman

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