Alexander Lewellyn Coleman Husband

ID # 266, (1873-1938)
FatherHenry Husband (1835-1920)
MotherJane E. Coleman (1843-1890)
BirthAlexander Lewellyn Coleman Husband was born on 30 November 1873 at Nelson Township, Halton County, Ontario. 
MarriageHe married Evelyn Maska on 3 May 1905 at Bronx, New York; A reference to May 3, 1905, is made in Henry Husband's diary as to being the wedding day for Lou and Evelyn.

Familysearch.0rg provides us with a transcription of the marriage registration of Evelyn Maska and Louis C. Coleman.

Louis C. Husband, 31, single, parents Henry Husband and Jane Coleman. Born Canada 1874 (approx.)
Evelyn Maska, 23, single, parents Frederick Maska and Augusta Rehbein.
At Bronx, New York, on 3 May, 1905. 
DeathHe died on 9 January 1938 at San Francisco, California, at age 64; Y. 
BurialHe was buried on 22 January 1938 at St. Judes Anglican Cemetery, Oakville, Ontario. 
NoteAlexander Lewellyn Coleman Husband was referred to in the family as 'Lou'. Henry Husband's diary has an entry under the date May 3, 1905, stating:

This is Lou's wedding day. He is to be married to a New York girl whose name is Evelyn Maska. Wesley, who visited New York last year, thought her a fine young woman.

An entry in Henry's diary dated August 1901 locates Lou in New York City. There, he is said to be a clerk in the correspondence office of the Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York.

In an entry datelined Oakville, July 18th, 1903, Henry states that Lou has become an inspector of insurance for the same company and is still in New York, though it is said that he spent some of the previous year in Kentucky and Tennessee.

An entry in Henry's diary dated January 16, 1910, locates Lou in San Francisco. At this point, Lou is an assistant superintendent with Prudential Life. A later entry indicates that Lou was still in San Francisco in 1911.

It is believed that Lou was later in San Jose, California.

There are two birth registrations for Lou. At the time, there were copies of the registration kept in the local municpal office and in the regional office.

The two registrations convey essentially the same information. The following one quoted is probably the local one:

Birth reg 005887-74 Nelson Twp., Halton Co.
Alexander Llewelyn Coleman Husband born November 30, 1873. Parents Henry Husband, teacher, and Jane Coleman. Informant Henry Husband who filed the information on December 29, 1873.

The township clerk filed the page of registrations on 30th January, 1874, hence the registration will be found under the year 1874.

Find-a-Grave provides us with a photo of Lou's gravestone, which sits in front of a large Husband stone in St. Jude's Cemetery at Oakville. The name of sisters Harriet and Gertrude appear on the large stone in the background. His stone reads:

Lewis Coleman Husband
Nov. 30, 1874 - Jan. 9, 1938.

'Annette', who posted the photo, states the the family bible tells that he died in San Francisco, was cremated, and then buried in St. Jude's on 22 January. Thanks to Annette for this information. 

Child of Alexander Lewellyn Coleman Husband and Evelyn Maska

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