Albia Vrooman

ID # 1470, (1878-)
FatherJohn Vrooman (1812-1892)
MotherEllen Kellestine (1839-1926)
BirthAlbia Vrooman was born in 1878. 
MarriageShe married James Brown on 17 February 1898 at North Seguin, Parry Sound District.
Mrge. reg. 011574-98 Unorganized Townships, Parry Sound District
James Brown, 26, bachelor, ship carpenter, born Ireland, residing Kearney. English Church. Father John Brown, mother unknown.
Abby Vrooman, 20, spinster, servant, born Canada, residing North Seguin. Presbyterian. Parents John and Ellen Vrooman.
Witnesses: Ethel Egan and Mrs. Smith, both of North Seguin. (Mrs. Smith was probably the bride's mother.)
On February 17, 1898, at North Seguin. Clergyman's name omitted.
MarriageShe married Joseph Orley on 14 August 1905 at Sprucedale, Parry Sound District.
Mrge reg. 015391-05 McMurrich Twp., Parry Sound District
Joseph Orley, 42, widower, farmer, born Italy, residing Perry Twp. Parents John Orley and Litisa Cardella.
Allice Brown, 26, widow, born Middlesex County, residing McMurrich Twp. Parents John Vrooman and Ellen Kellestine.
Witnesses D.A. Smith and Ellen Smith, both of McMurrich Twp.
On August 14, 1905, at Sprucedale. Clergyman Rev. W. Nixon. The bride and groom are shown as being of the 'E. Church'.
NoteAlbia's given name gets a bit mangled in the records. A death registration has not been found for James Brown. She then married Joseph Orley in 1905 and the 1911 census indicates that Joseph had at least two children by his first wife. Later direct records for the Orleys have not been found, but Albia's mother, Ellen Kellestine Vrooman, died in 1926, and at some point thereafter, according to the inscription on the gravestone, it was Mrs. J. Orley who had it installed.

A Guy Milton Brown was born to James Brown and Albia Vrooman on February 26, 1902, but he is not present with them in the 1911 census and a death registration for him has not been found.

Mrs. Albe Orley, widow, Emsdale, appears in the 1958 voters' list for Parry Sound-Muskoka. 
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