In 1857 Reverend Roswell Graves married Eugenia (Jane) Clapp, granddaughter of  Samson Striker, a Loyalist who left New York and settled in Prince Edward County, Ontario.  This site documents their descendants and some of their ancestors including Graves, Clapp, and Striker families.

Details have been excluded for living people, or those not known to be deceased, to protect their privacy.

A note on sources:

Unless otherwise noted, much of the information about Sampson Striker (Stryker) and Ursula Clapp and their children is from a letter received from Murray Clapp of Milford, Ontario, February 7, 1982. His sources are:
Cemeteries of Prince Edward County - Wanamaker
The Stryker Family in America pp 72, 127 - Wm N Stryker

Barbara Hill of Berkley, California also generously shared her extensive research with me.

The remaining data was collected from a variety of sources - a review of the included citations and sources will provide the reader with an indication of how reliable the data might be.

Use of the site:

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