William Howard Husband

ID # 957, (1860-)
FatherHenry Husband (1835-1920)
MotherMary Alderson (1840-1866)
BirthWilliam Howard Husband was born in 1860. 
MarriageHe married Elizabeth Jane Ewan
NoteFrom the notes of Val Husband Brook:

William Howard 1860-1903 married Lizzie Ewan of Fergus, Ont. They farmed in Southern Saskatchewan before Howard became the local Postmaster. Their children included Henry Ewan, George, Wilfred, Mary Edna, Ellen, Cameron, Albert, and May.

In his diary, Henry speaks of the death of his first wife, Mary Alderson. He then discusses his marriage to Jane Coleman. An excerpt follows which speaks of his oldest son William Howard Husband:

Immediately after our marriage, we moved to Section #4, Nassagaweya where we lived for five years. Things went very well there for us all considered. For a while in Flamboro after Mary's death, I gave up housekeeping. Howard lived at Mr. G. Stranger's, John Matthew at Mr. Revell's, George and Charles at Mrs. Marshall's of Nassagaweya. When we moved to Nassagaweya, all the boys with the exception of Howard lived at home. Since Mr. Stranger had no children and they were well-to-do people, it was thought best, as they wished it, that Howard should stay with them. He stayed until about 1878 (age 18) when he left them, worked a few years, and about 1880 moved to the Northwest of Canada.

1903 as a year of death for William Howard Husband appears to be inaccurate. He was still living at the time of the 1911 census. 

Children of William Howard Husband and Elizabeth Jane Ewan

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