Amelia Smith

ID # 6765, (1835-)
FatherJohn Smith
MotherMary Corbett
BirthAmelia Smith was born on 20 October 1835. 
MarriageShe married William R. Keachie, son of Hugh Keachie and Mary Ann Hope McLaren.
A marriage registration for William Keachie and Amelia Smith has not been found. A church record may yet surface. Considering that their eldest child Alice, age 5, at the time of the 1861 census in St. Mary's, Perth County, their marriage was probably around 1855 or 1856. See notes for Amelia.

NoteThe evidence is such that we may identify Amelia Smith who appears in the 1851 census at Brantford with her sisters. She is shown as age 16.

Eliza, age 20, born England
Louisa, age 18, born England
Amelia, 16, born Canada West
Caroline 12, and
Emma 10.

All are shown as Baptists.

Shown immediately below Emma's name is Mary, last name illegible, age 19, born England, Baptist.

The list begins at the top of the page. Parental information should be found at the bottom of the previous page which lists names (alternate pages are statistical.) Parents do not appear, however. The enumerator may have grabbed the wrong sequential page, but this possibility has been examined without a satisfactory explanation.

The previous page with list of names shows at the bottom a Tisdale household. The Tisdales themselves are Baptists, as, by the way, are the Smith sisters. So it is a possibility that the Smith sisters were chaperoned by the Tisdales.

An odd wrinkle to this is that the statistical page in between shows a householder - namely Eliza Smith. The house is apparently part residential and part commercial, which clarifies little.

In any event, the statistical page for the Smith sisters show them as single.

Amelia and Caroline we may logically say are sisters for they appear in the same household in St. Mary's., Perth County, at the time of the 1861 census. In 1863, Caroline (Carrie) marries a Samuel Dixon of Goderich. The marriage is held in Perth County, probably in St. Mary's. Her parents are shown as John and Mary. With this information it's tempting to believe that the parents were John Smith and Mary Sheldon. John was the sheriff of Brant County, though he dwelt in Paris, which sits on the border of Brant Township and South Dumfries Township. The rather large problem with this interpretation, however, is that Amelia's mother is shown as Mary Corbett on an entry placed on Find-a-Grave. The Find-a-Grave researcher has looked at the cemetery records and evidently extracted the information from this source.

The relationship becomes beyond question when we find that in 1858 William Keachie is witness at the marriage of Richard German and Louisa Smith. This certainly links the Keachies to the Smith sisters. Also, Louisa's parents are shown in the marriage registration as being John Smith and Mary Corbett.

As will be seen when looking at the travels of Amelia and William, it becomes clear that they at least for a few years lived in towns where another sister was in residence. William Keachie probably had a working relationship with Richard German, the husband of Louisa Smith. 

Children of Amelia Smith and William R. Keachie

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