William R. Keachie

ID # 6764, (1825-1907)
FatherHugh Keachie (1792-1862)
MotherMary Ann Hope McLaren (1796-1858)
BirthWilliam R. Keachie was born on 3 April 1825 at New York State. 
MarriageHe married Amelia Smith, daughter of John Smith and Mary Corbett.
A marriage registration for William Keachie and Amelia Smith has not been found. A church record may yet surface. Considering that their eldest child Alice, age 5, at the time of the 1861 census in St. Mary's, Perth County, their marriage was probably around 1855 or 1856. See notes for Amelia.

DeathHe died on 20 July 1907 at Dane, Wisconsin, at age 82. 
BurialHe was buried at Forest Hill Cemetery, Madison, Dane Co., Wisconsin. 
NoteWilliam Keachie is found with brother Andrew in Farmington, Fulton County, Illinois, in the 1850 U.S. census. William is shown as 23 and Andrew as 24 and they are both shown as being born in New York. They are shown as carpenters. Omitted from this history will be the fact that they have spent many years in Canada. Andrew's history has it's own interest and appears under his name.

William is back in Canada by the time of the 1861 census, though probably a few years earlier. He is in St. Mary's in Perth County with wife Amelia and daughter Alice and son Frederick. Also in the household is William's brother 'Mark' (Marcus) Keachie and Amelia's sister, Carrie Smith. William is shown as age 36 in this census and as a watchmakerMarcus is shown as age 22 and as a watchmaker as well. Amelia is 26 and Carrie 22. Children Alice and Frederick are shown as ages 5 and 3 respectively. Also in the household is a Louisa Wittam, age 10, relationship to family members unknown. Since daughter Alice is shown as age 5 and as being born in Canada West, it seems reasonable that William was back in Canada by 1854 or 1855 at the very least. Amelia's sisters Louisa and Emma were also in St. Mary's in 1861. See notes under their names.

William, Amelia, and their children are in Maquoketa, Jackson County, Iowa, as of the 15th of July, 1870, according to the 1870 U.S. census. There are four children, all shown as being born in Canada. Frank, age 9, and Carrie, age 7, have been added to the family. William is age 45 and shown as a stock broker. Of interest here is that also in Maquoketa is Amelia's sister Louisa and her husband Richard German and their children. William Keachie is shown as a stock broker as is Richard German. At a guess they are working together. Add to this, Amelia's sister Eliza Chamberlin. There is no sign of her husband Oscar. Her marital status is not recorded. She has with her five children, the first, Mary, being born in Canada. The other four were born in Illinois. The family's present in Maquoketa, Iowa, was very much a Smith family affair.

Their stay in the United States was hardly permanent for by the time of the 1881 Canadian census they are in Brantford and William is shown as a builder. Alice is a music teacher, Frederick is a carpenter, and Frank is a druggist. Added to the family at age 1 year is George.

The family has not been found in Canada as of the time of the 1891 census, and the 1890 U.S. census is lost to us, but the Iowa state 1895 census has survived and the family is in Dubuque. Alice and Carrie are music teachers, Frederick and Frank are contractors, and William himself is described as a builder. Son George is shown as attending school.

Earlier Canadian census information shows the family as Wesleyan Methodist, but no family names are found entered on the central Wesleyan Methodist repository for baptisms. The clergy of the day were rather hit and miss so far as these returns were concerned. The family is shown as Episcopal in Dubuque in 1895. Whether Episcopal Methodist was the church of their choice or Episcopal in the sense of Anglican is unknown.

By the time of William's death in 1907 the family is in Dane, Wisconsin.

Familysearch has the following database, transcription only:

Wisconsin, Death Records, 1867-1907

This tells us that Wm. R. Keachie died in 1907 (exact date not given). Place of death Dane, Wisconsin, age 82. His parents are shown as Hugh and Mary Keachie and his wife as Amelia P. Keachie.

Some further information is provided by Find-a-Grave, the researcher providing the entries having examined cemetery records. 

Children of William R. Keachie and Amelia Smith

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