Mary Ann Van Every

ID # 6158, (1846-1928)
BirthMary Ann Van Every was born on 24 December 1846 at Dumfries Township, Gore District. 
MarriageShe married Edward Kitchen on 14 March 1866 at Brant County.
MS248 reel 5, Vol. 1, page 184
Brant County Marriage Register

Extracted from a list of marriages solemnized by Thos. S. Keogh, (Wesleyan Methodist) for the year ending 31st day of December, A.D. 1866

Edward Kitchen, 26, born and residing South Dumfries. Parents James and Cornelia.
Mary Ann Vanevery, 19, born and residing South Dumfries. Parents Andrew and Nancy.
Witnesses Martin Kitchen of S. Dumfries, and James Vansickle of Beverly.
On 14 March 1866.
MarriageShe married Daniel Breen on 17 January 1872 at South Dumfries Twp., Brant Co..
Mrge reg. South Dumfries Twp., Brant Co.
Daniel Breen, 28, bachelor, farmer, Methodist. Born Ireland, residing South Dumfries. Parents Henry and Catharine Breen.
Mary Jane Kitchen, 25, widow, Baptist. Born and residing South Dumfries. Parents Andrew and Nancy Van Every.
Witnesses William German and Jeriah Bonham, both of South Dumfries.
On Jan. 17, 1872, by Robert Hume, minister.
MarriageShe married William Richter on 15 October 1884 at St. George, South Dumfries Twp., Brant Co..
Mrge reg. 001320-84 South Dumfries Twp., Brant Co.
William Richter, 45, widower, farmer, Lutheran. Born Germany, residing South Dumfries. Parents and Adelia Richter.
Mary Ann Breen, 37, widower, Methodist. Born South Dumfries, residing St. George. Parents Andrew and Nancy Van Every.
Witnesses E. H. Cartney and Emma B. Ravel, both of St. George.
On October 15th, 1884, at St. George, by Rev. J. H. McCartney.

William's mother is shown as Adelia. There was a slip of the pen by someone, for Adelia (Wood) was William's first wife. William's marriage register with Adelia, dated 1864, shows his parents as William and Elizabeth, and this is probably correct.

DeathShe died on 4 November 1928 at North Oxford Twp., Oxford Co., at age 81. 
BurialShe was buried on 6 November 1928 at St. George Cemetery, South Dumfries Twp., Brant Co.. 
NoteDeath reg. 027277-28 North Oxford Township, Oxford County
Mary Ann Richter died November 4, 1928. Widow. Age 81 years, 10 months, 11 days. Date of birth December 24, 1846. Place of birth South Dumfries, Brant County. Residence at place of death 38 years. Father's name Andrew Vanevery, born Brant County. Mother's maiden name Laird, place of birth unknown.
Physician Dr. C. C. Cornish of Ingersoll. Informant Maurice Breen, Ingersoll, RR3, son. Burial at St. George Cemetery, Brant Co., on November 6, 1928. 
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