Edward Buckborough

ID # 527, (1871-1951)
FatherJames Coleman Buckberrough (1824-1916)
MotherRachel Smith (1834-1901)
BirthEdward Buckborough was born on 15 January 1871 at Windham Township, Norfolk County. 
MarriageHe married Aggie Cranston on 4 January 1906 at Windham, Norfolk County; 014387-06 Buckborough, Edward, 35, on 17 January 1906 at Windham, born and residing Windham, bachelor, farmer, parents James C. Buckborough, and Rachel Smith. Aggie Cranston, 28, residing Windham, born Onondaga, spinster, farmer's daughter, parents George Cranston and Mary Armstrong. The bride and groom were Presbyterian. Witnesses: Robert J. Cranston, Caledonia, and Laura Buckborough, Bookton. 
DeathHe died in 1951. 
BurialHe was buried at Bookton Cemetery, Windham Twp., Norfolk Co.. 
NoteYear of death and place of burial for Edward and Aggie is provided by the Norfolk County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society in the form of a transcription of Bookton Cemetery in Windham Township.

Edward evidently used the spelling Buckborough. This appears in his marriage registration and in the transcription of his gravestone shows the same spelling. 

Child of Edward Buckborough and Aggie Cranston

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