James Coleman Buckberrough

ID # 118, (1824-1916)
FatherGeorge Buckberrough (1794-1866)
MotherSarah Coleman (1795-1881)
BirthJames Coleman Buckberrough was born on 10 June 1824. 
MarriageHe married Rachel Smith
DeathHe died on 5 April 1916 at Windham, Norfolk County, at age 91. 
BurialHe was buried at Bookton Cemetery, Windham Twp., Norfolk Co.. 
NoteJames appears in the 1901 census and the names of his wife, children Edward and Laura, and their birth dates come from this. The 1901 census gives James' birthdate as June 12th, 1824.

James' death registration is not the most helpful document. It reads:

023809-16 Windham, Norfolk County
James Coleman Buckborough, age 91 yrs., 9 mos., 23 dys. Died Apr. 5, 1916. Born England. Place of death Con 3, Lot 17, Windham. Burial Bookton, Ont. Farmer. Widowed. Father Geo. Buckborough, mother unknown. Informant Ed. Buckborough, RR 2, Vanessa.

James wasn't born in England. Almost certainly, he was born in Beverly Township in the Gore District of Upper Canada.

The names of the children of Rachel and James are taken from the 1861, 1871 and 1881 censuses. It looks like some of the ages given may be approximate. There is the odd conflict between censuses.

The spelling of the family name in the 1861 census is Buckbrough and in the 1871 census it is written Bucbery.

It's tempting to wonder if James Coleman Buckberrough was named after James H. Coleman who is buried in Troy Cemetery. No direct evidence has been found, but the circumstancial evidence is strong that James H. Coleman, husband of Jane Blasdell, is the son of John W. Coleman and Margaret Hayes. James and Jane were on the 1st concession of Beverly for many years and were neighbours of George and Sarah Buckberrough. George and Sarah certainly seemed to have a penchant for naming children after family members and it may be that John W. Coleman was a cousin of Sarah's father, John Coleman. Certainly, John Coleman of the 3rd concession and John W. Coleman of the 1st concession were both from New Jersey. 

Children of James Coleman Buckberrough and Rachel Smith

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