Robert Keefer

ID # 2798, (1808-1834)
BirthRobert Keefer was born on 12 December 1808. 
MarriageHe married Lavinia Lawrason, daughter of Miller Lawrason and Elizabeth Purvis, on 26 December 1826. 
DeathHe died on 31 July 1834 at age 25. 
BurialHe was buried at Dumfries Township, Gore District, Upper Canada. 
NoteSee Vol. 2, Family Record of the Name of Dingwall Fordyce, Alexander Dingwall Fordyce, 1888, Fergus, Ontario.

The story of the Keefer family begins on page cxviii, wherein Fordyce tells of the first Keefer, or Kieffer, was George Kieffer of New Jersey who married Mary Couck. Their son Jacob Keefer came to Canada settling near Thorold. In 1801, Jacob married Jerusha Vannattar at St. Catharines and that some years later he moved to the Township of Oakland, at the time in the Brock District, though later in Brant County.

(Fordyce notes that George Kieffer of New Jersey died young. His wife Mary Couck married again to a Michael Teeter. Mary and Michael are said to have come to Canada in 1792 and settled at Twenty Mile Creek. They were buried in the Old German burying ground at Thorold. Mary is said to have died in 1836 and Michael in 1837. We will also note here that Volume 9 of the Annals of the Forty, Grimsby Historical Society, 1958, names Michael Teeter as the son of Coonrad Teeter. Michael's birth is dated to 1753 and it's stated that he married Maria Catherine Keefer. )

Robert Keefer was the 4th son of Jacob and Jerusha, according to Fordyce. He was born 12 December, 1808, and established a farm and sawmill in South Dumfries, but died of cholera on 31 July, 1834, leaving a widow, Lavinia Lawrason, who he had married on 26 December, 1826. Fordyce states that she was the daughter of Miller Lawrason and Elizabeth Purves.

Page cxix provides us with genealogical information for Robert and Lavinia and tells us a bit about their children, Jacob Lawrason Keefer and Nelson Keefer. He states that Lavinia died on the 4th of June 1836 and that her two children were then adopted by her husband's younger brother, Joseph Nelson Keefer.

Fordyce tells that Joseph was born 8th September, 1809, and had a farm in South Dumfries and that he married Elizabeth Parsons. It says that he also carried on a mercantile business in St. George with his younger nephew Nelson Keefer as a partner.

Keeping in mind that the Fordyce book was published in 1888, the information can take us only so far, but it does state that at the time, Nelson Keefer, son of Robert and Lavinia, was still living, and until at least recently was in business in Burlington and Hamilton. It states that Jacob Lawrason Keefer, Nelson's older brother, died in 1885 at his farm near Chesley in the County of Bruce.

A little more information on Jacob Lawrason Keefer and Nelson Keefer is to be found at the bottom of page cxiii and the top of cxxiv.

Just what sources Fordyce used for his history of the Keefers is difficult to say, but Lawrence Purvis Lawrason, brother of Lavinia, and his daughter Mary Lawrason Thomson, were in Fergus from some point in the 1880s and were likely acquainted with Fordyce. 

Children of Robert Keefer and Lavinia Lawrason

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