Ovid Vere Waugh

ID # 161, (1893-1916)
FatherFranklin Burson Waugh (1865-1944)
MotherClara Coleman (1872-1946)
BirthOvid Vere Waugh was born on 1 May 1893 at St. George, Ontario. 
DeathHe died on 5 March 1916 at Galt, Ontario, at age 22. 
BurialHe was buried at St. George Cemetery. 
NoteBirth reg. 002818-93 South Dumfries, Brant Co.
Ovid Vere Waugh born 1st May, 1893. Parents Frank Waugh and Clara Coleman. Informant Frank Waugh, painter, residence St. George. Attending physician Dr. Addison

Death reg. 034291-16 Galt, Waterloo County
Ovid Vere Waugh died March 5, 1916, age 24. Place of death 198 Main St. Born St. George, burial St. George. Father Frank Waugh. Informant G. J. Little, Galt (Little was the undertaker.)

Art Coleman spoke of Ovid's funeral as being in winter. The funeral was in Galt. Then the funeral party got on the train with the casket; the train went to Paris and then backed up to St. George. The casket and funeral party were loaded on big horse drawn sleds and hauled through deep snow up the hill to the cemetery. The snow was so deep only the minister and the pallbearers went into the cemetery. Ovid was buried near the road and the family could hear the commital service from the sleds. Then they were all hauled back to the station again and got on the train to return to Galt.

Ovid was quite musical. He could play the piano and sing. He used to sweep up hair of a Saturday at Al Coleman's barber shop, which in those days was attached to the old Scott's Opera House at what is now Queen's Square. There was a trap door through the back and when he was wanted, Ovid would go and play the piano as background for the silent movies or at other times as a filler between vaudeville performances. The family story has it that at the time of his death he was engaged to be married. His fiance's name was not mentioned. 
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