Thomas Vrooman

ID # 1583, (1813-1907)
FatherSolomon Secord Vrooman (1783-1874)
MotherMary Brown (1790-1846)
BirthThomas Vrooman was born on 5 December 1813 at Queenston, Upper Canada. 
MarriageHe married Eliza Goodson on 9 May 1838.
For the present, the date we have for the marriage of Thomas and Eliza is to be found on page 1949 Vrooman Family history book. A place of marriage is not given and another marriage record has yet to be found.
DeathHe died on 18 July 1907 at Queenston, Ontario, at age 93. 
BurialHe was buried on 20 July 1907 at Field Vrooman Brown Cemetery. 
NoteDeath reg. 018187-07 Niagara Township, Lincoln County
Thomas Vrooman, age 93, baptist, gentleman, died July 18, 1907. Residence Queenston, born Queenston. Date of reg. July 18, 1907. Informant Dr. Duggan.

As noted, Thomas died July 18, 1907. Morse Funeral Home records, in an index provided by the Niagara Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society, shows J. Kerr ordering a funeral on 20 July 1907 for 'Vrooman', first name not shown. Thomas' daughter Emma was married to John Kerr and it's reasonable to believe that the funeral is for Thomas Vrooman.

We show Thomas as buried in Field Vrooman Brown Cemetery which is near Queenston and which is where Thomas' wife is buried. Support for this is to be found in the Niagara Falls (New York) Gazette, Friday, July 19, 1907, page 7. (The image for this page is provided by Old Fulton New York Postcards website.) The article tells of his death the previous day and that his burial would be in 'the family burial ground near Queenstown tomorrow.' We may reasonably only interpret this as being the Field Vrooman Brown cemetery.

Morse Funeral Home of Niagara Falls' funerals are typically held in Niagara Falls, but not always. Certainly, they were involved in the funeral of Thomas' father, Solomon Secord Vrooman who is buried in Field, Vrooman, Brown Cemetery. So, again, it isn't unreasonable that they were called upon to perform Thomas' funeral. Certainly, Thomas' wife, Eliza Goodson, who died in 1868, is recorded as being buried there.

That said, the Niagara Branch of the OGS transcribed the cemetery in 1983 and Thomas' name does not appear. Dr. Reive did a transcription in the 1920s and records the names of Eliza Goodson Vrooman and her two sons, but no mention is made of Thomas. 

Children of Thomas Vrooman and Eliza Goodson

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