I strongly believe genealogical research should be sourced... whether we are putting information on the web or taking it off the web. I am by no means an expert on the subject, but I do ask that you cite material you take from this website in whatever format you prefer.

A few thoughts....

Elizabeth Shown Mills in her QuickSheet - Citing Online Historical Sources (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 2005), suggests that a website is the online equivalent of a book where the book author = the creator of the website, the title of the book = the title of the website, the publication data = the URL and date accessed; followed by pertinent citation detail.

Hence, to cite this website in general:

Faye West, My Genealogy Pages (www.fayewest.ca: viewed date).

One might think of the various sections of the website as chapters in the book:

Faye West, "My Loyalist Families", My Genealogy Pages (www.fayewest.ca/jones/index.htm: viewed date).

Or should you wish to cite something more specific, here is one approach:

Robert Roswell Broder, biography, My Genealogy Pages (www.fayewest.ca/broder/RBbio2.htm: viewed date).

Please credit the initial author when I have used someone else's original research and conclusions:

Walter Scott Jones and Harley Misener, "A partial list of the descendants of James Jones and Hannah Goodale", manuscript, My Genealogy Pages (www.fayewest.ca/documents/jones_descendants.pdf: viewed date).

Thanks to Diana Powell for the format and wording of this page.