Alice (--?--)

ID#  2456, (-1695)
9th great-grandmother of Faye Louise Doyle
Ancestors of Rev. Roswell Graves
     Alice (--?--) married John Hoar, son of Charles Hoar and Joanna Hincksman, about 1645 in Scituate, Massachusetts. She died on 5 June 1695 in Concord, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.
Research Note: Many genealogies link John Hoar to the Lisle family as described here:
"John Hoar ... married Alice Lisle, sister of Bridget Lisle, who married Leonard Hoar, his brother. She was a daughter of John Lord Lisle, president of the high court of justice, lord commissioner of the great seal, who drew the indictment and sentence of King Charles I. and was murdered at Lausanne. August 11, 1664, and of his wife, Lady Alicia Lisle, who was beheaded by the brutal judgment of Jeffries in 1685. The story of her arrest on a charge of treason for sheltering rebels, her condemnation to be burned alive and her execution by beheading, with all the cruel, ghastly details, forms a disgraceful page in English history. Children of John and Alice Hoar; Elizabeth, married Jonathan Prescott; Mary, married Benjamin Graves; Daniel, mentioned below. " --SOURCE: New England Families G&M

I am skeptical about the possibility that John Hoar's wife Alice was actually Alice Lisle. The dates do not work out at all. Alice Lisle was born c 1636, so she could not have had a dau (Mary Hoar) born in 1648. Even if Alice was born (as one record states) in 1631, that's still pushing the dates a bit - and that birthdate conflicts with her parents' marriage c 1635.

There is a long discussion thread about this on genforum and to date no-one has offered proof that John Hoar's wife Alice is really Alice Lisle.

In short, I'm taking Alice Lisle out of my records as John Hoar's wife. That's unfortunate because it's kind of neat to have such famous (infamous?) people in our background: the overthrow of King Charles I; a murder in Switzerland; a beheading for treason. Pretty exciting stuff! :) Oh well! flw 15 Mar 2004.
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Children of Alice (--?--) and John Hoar