Elmer H. Vrooman

ID # 917, (1887-1944)
FatherFranklin Vrooman (1868-1936)
MotherJennie Hazell (1868-1929)
BirthElmer H. Vrooman was born on 28 March 1887 at Harrisburg, South Dumfries, Brant Co., Ontario. 
DeathHe died in 1944. 
NoteElmer's birth registration is, essentially, a delayed statement of birth filed by his father, Franklin, in 1926.

902361-26 filed by Frank Vrooman on 16 April, 1926, at Brantford.
Elmer Vrooman, born at Harrisburgh on 21st March, 1887. Parents Frank Vrooman of Harrisburg and Jane Hazel. Informant father of Elmer Vrooman, 166 George St., Brantford, Ont. Parents married November 8, 1886.

The form appears to have shown Elmer's birth as 28 March, 1887, but the 8 was overwritten with a 1, making the date the 21st. The 1901 census shows Elmer's birth as the 28th and, since this information was likely provided by his mother, the 28th is likely correct. Also, Franklin and Jennie were married on the 18th of November 1886, according to their marriage registration, and not the 8th.

An index for the Brantford Expositor shows that Elmer died in 1944. His place of burial has not been found. Also, according to an Expositor index, it appears as though Elmer married twice. 
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