Henrietta (Nettie) Blackburn

ID # 913, (1848-)
FatherJames Blackburn (1817-)
MotherSabrina Moe (1824-)
BirthHenrietta (Nettie) Blackburn was born in 1848 at Ontario. 
MarriageShe married Edwin Marson on 1 January 1867 at Chatham, Ontario; MS248 reel 8, Volume 23, page 81
Edwin Marson, 22, residing Windsor, born England. Parents Sam'l and Mary.
Nettie Blackburn, 18, residing Chatham, born Canada. Parents James and Sabina.
Witnesses Flora Evans and Edward Roche, both of Chatham.
On January 1, 1867, in Kent County.

The witnesses, Flora and Edward, were married later the same year.

Some notes:

Typically with the county marriage registrations from approximately 1858 to June of 1869, the place of marriage is not given. It probably isn't even always and absolutely certain that a couple of married in the county of registration, but with Edwin and Henrietta, they were almost certainly married in Chatham.

What isn't typical with the Kent County marriage registrations is that the name of the clergyman and his religious affiliation has not been entered over (or under) a block of marriages - sometimes his sum total of marriages for the entire year. Examples of the 'typical' can be found on registrations for Brant, Wentworth, and any number of other counties' entries. Other counties showing this information usually also show an associated number, which has been entered by the county registrar and likely represents a number for a clergyman's given submission.

With Kent County entries, sequential numbers are entered in small on a line and seem to represent a block of names related to a given entry. At a guess, these will represent a clergyman's submissions and there is (or was) an index that identifies the cleryman. This index isn't in evidence on the available images.

The microfilm (MS248 reel 8, Vol. 23) itself has not been examined. Rather, the images are as found on Familysearch's digitized images. Probably, the reel is covered in its entirety. The Archives of Ontario has a PDF enumerating the counties, their reels and volumes, but they make no particular comment about Kent County. Elizabeth Hancocks, C.G., in her work County Marriage Registers of Ontario, Canada, 1858-1869, Vol. 36, Kent County Index, Global Heritage Press, Campbellville, 2005, makes no mention of this abberation in her notes. 
MarriageShe married Alonzo Williams in 1875; The marriage date of Henrietta and Alonzo is very approximate. 
MarriageShe married James E. Powell in 1890; The 1900 census at Stevensville, Ravalli County, Montana, shows Netta Powell with husband James E. Powell. It states that they have been married ten years. To say that James and Netta, or Nettie, were married in 1890 is only approximate. We do not know where they were married. 
NoteOur first record of Henrietta (Nettie) is to be found in the 1851 census for Canada West in the portion of Chatham that is located in Harwich Township. She is shown as age 3 and appears with her parents, James, a grocer, age 34, and Sabrina, age 27.

We next find Nettie with her parents in Dundas, Wentworth County, in the 1861 census. She is shown as age 11.

The family must have returned to the Chatham area, for on January 1, 1867, Nettie is married to Edwin Marson. Nettie's first cousin, Flora Evans and her intended Edward Roche were witnesses.

The family has not been found in 1870-71.

In 1880, Nettie is in Detroit with her (apparently second) husband Alonzo Williams. A record of their marriage has yet to be found. With them is Nettie's mother Sabrina.

We do not again find Nettie until the 1900 census in Stevensville, Ravalli County, Montana, where she is with her (apparently third) husband James Powell. Also with them is her mother Sabrina Blackburn. The census says that Nettie and James had been married 10 years and that Nettie had borne no children. 
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