Sarah L. Buckberrough

ID # 898, (1847-1867)
FatherDaniel Buckberrough (1827-1906)
MotherEliza Taylor (1819-1898)
BirthSarah L. Buckberrough was born on 31 October 1847 at Troy, Beverly Twp, Wentworth County, Ontario. 
DeathShe died on 12 July 1867 at age 19. 
BurialShe was buried on 14 July 1867 at Greenwood Cemetery, Waterford, Ontario. 
NoteSarah is commemorated on the family's stone in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Waterloo. This is plot F-10.4 and her birth and death information is taken from this gravestone.

An obituary in the form of a letter appears for Sarah in the Norfolk Reformer issue of 5 September, 1867. It places her birth at Troy, township of Beverly, C.W. and confirms her date of death as well as providing her date of funeral and burial and gives the name of the clergyman, Rev. W. Williams, even to the point of providing the text that she herself requested that the minister use for her service - Philippians 1:21. It also states that the cause of her death was consumption.

The obituary places Sarah's burial in Greenwood Cemetery in Waterford. This is correct, but was initially confusing, for, as mentioned, her name is inscribed on the family stone in Waterloo and it was originally thought that she was buried there as well. A transcription for Greenwood Cemetery was done by the Norfolk County Branch of the OGS. Just when this was done isn't stated, but the one to hand is an update done in 2004. It is obvious from even a cursory reading of the transcription that the stone was in poor condition at the time. By 2004, it is stated that Sarah's stone was broken.

Such as the person doing the transcription could make out, it reads:

Sarah L./ Eldest Daughter of/Daniel & Eliza Buckderrough/Died July 12, 1887/Age 10 yrs., 8 mos., 18 dys.

(Yes, the transcription shows her surname as Buckderrough.)

Sarah was actually nearly 20. Her age as shown likely read 19 yrs. Both in accord with her obituary and the inscription on the family stone in Waterloo, her year of death was 1867, not 1887. 
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