Siegel Buckberrough

ID # 826, (1886-1971)
FatherGeorge W. Buckberrough (1859-1944)
MotherEdith Malcolm (1869-1924)
BirthSiegel Buckberrough was born in 1886 at Michigan. 
MarriageHe married Ella McElwee on 30 March 1912 at Galt, Waterloo Co; mrge reg. 019596-12 Galt, Waterloo Co.
Siegel Buckberrough, 30, bachelor, residing Galt, born Michigan. Parents Geo. Buckberrough and Edith Malcolm. Presbyterian.
Ella McElwee, 36, widow, residing Preston, born London, England. Parents Robert Vincent and Mary Miller. Presbyterian.
On 30 March 1912 at Galt by R.E. Knowles. Witnesses Sadie King, Galt, and J.E. illeg, Oakville. 
DeathHe died in 1971. 
BurialHe was buried at Engleheart Cemetery, Evanturel Twp., Temiskaming.. 
NoteNo birth registration for Siegel has been found. It is clear from his marriage registration, however, that his parents were George Buckberrough and Edith Malcolm. He was obviously named after George's brother, that he is likely George and Edith's natural child.

At the time of the 1900 U.S. census, Siegel is with his uncle John Buckborough in Denver Township, Isabella County, Michigan, and is shown there as a nephew. His birth year is given as 1886 and his age as 14. His place of birth is given as Michigan and he is shown as farm labour.

By 1906, Siegel has done some traveling, for he is to be found in Humbolt, Saskatchewan. There, his age is shown as 20. This still agrees with his age as shown in 1900.

By the time of the 1911 census, he is in Brantford and his age is shown as 23.

In 1912, he married Ella McElwee in Galt. His parents are shown as George Buckberrough and Edith Malcolm.

In the 1921 census, he appears in Ingram Township in Temiskaming. He is shown as a widower and, with him, is a daughter Hilda, age 10, born in Saskatchewan. Also note that with him as a housekeeper is Alice Smith, a widow, born in England.

Then in 1922, we find the following marriage registration:

Mrge reg. 020233-22 Temiskaming District
Samuel Buckburrow, 34, widower, farmer, born Norfolk County residing Township of Marter. Presbyterian. Parents G.W. Buckburrow and Edith Malcolm.
Alice Smith, 35, widow, housekeeper, born Yorkshire, England, residing Township of Marter. Anglican. Parents John Dunn and Jane Clarkson.
Witnesses: Anna Russell and Jas. Paterson, both of Englehart.
At Englehart on first June 1922 by A.M. Russell, Presbyterian.

We have no previous evidence for George Buckborough and Edith Malcolm having a son Samuel, but the above marriage registration may be entirely correct. It's tempting to suspect, however, that Alice Dunn Smith actually married Siegel. More information is needed.

Canadian Gravemarker Gallery provides us with a photo of his stone in Engleheart Cemetery in the Temiskaming District. It reads:

Eveline's maiden name is presently unknown to us. Voters' lists from the era, show Eveline's name as Evelyn.

If it was indeed Siegel, rather than 'Samuel', that married Alice Dunn Smith, then Siegel was married three times. 
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