Andrew Coleman

ID # 82, (1821-1873)
FatherWilliam Coleman (1792-1873)
MotherCatherine Jones (1798-1860)
BirthAndrew Coleman was born on 6 December 1821 at Beverly Twp, Wentworth County, Ontario. 
MarriageHe married Isabella Templeton on 9 December 1844; Volume 3, More Notices from Methodist Papers, 1830 to 1857, Donald A. McKenzie, Global Heritage Press, 2008

The following is from the Canadian Christian Advocate issue of June 19, 1845:

Coleman, Andrew, of Beaverly, to Isabella Templeton, of East Dumfries, by Rev. Andrew Burzee, Dec. 9th.

We are not given a place of marriage. Burzee was probably a Methodist minister, but of which branch of the Methodists it is not clear. There was an Episcopal Methodist Church at Troy by 1844, but there was a Wesleyan Methodist Church at St. George in what became South Dumfries. Isabella's parents resided in what became South Dumfries. East Dumfries is a designation occasionally met with and simply refers to the portion of the township located on the east side of the Grand River. The 1832 census and assessment fror 'East Dumfries' places Daniel Templeton on lot 2 of the first concession. 
DeathHe died on 16 October 1873 at Beverly Twp, Wentworth County, Ontario, at age 51. 
BurialHe was buried at Troy Cemetery. 
NoteAndrew, who was informant of his father's death in May of 1873 according to William's death certificate, only survived his father by five months.

Andrew's death registration says he died of consumption and was attended by Dr. Mainwaring, who was in St. George. The informant was Isabella Coleman, widow of the deceased. His religious faith is stated to be Methodist Epis. The Ontario death registration number is 009980-73.

In the 1861 census, Andrew's father William was with them. Andrew is listed as 39 and Isabella as 34. With them are sons James and Franklin B., ages 16 and 2 respectively. Other records suggest birth years at some variance. 

Children of Andrew Coleman and Isabella Templeton

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