James Harvey Warner

ID # 719, (1847-)
BirthJames Harvey Warner was born on 2 June 1847 at Beverly Twp., Wentworth County, Ontario. 
MarriageHe married Isabella Misener, daughter of Nicholas Misener and Aramintha Richter Miller Aker, on 30 September 1875 at Galt, Waterloo County, Ontario; 022208-75. Galt, Waterloo Co. James N.(?) Wismer, age 29, residing and born Beverly, bachelor, carpenter. Parents Thomas and Sarah Wismer.Isabel Misener, 19, spinster, born and residing Beverly. Parents Nicholas and Armintha Misener. Witnesses, Mrs. Stevens and Miss E. Stevens, both of Galt. At Galt on 30 September 1875. Both the bride and groom were Methodists. Clergyman Rev. D. Smyth.

Note re above marriage registration. The name of the groom on the registration, made at Galt, is very poorly written. The handwriting of the clerk at Galt is difficult, but the rest of the document isn't badly written. One transcription, the above, has his surname as Wismer, and this is reasonable based on the appearance. So, however is Misener.

The Misener family website shows Isabella first marrying a James Misener and then a James Warner a year or two later. Likely, the clerk at Galt had a problem with the handwriting of the reporting clergyman. The parents of James on the marriage registration are shown as Thomas and Sarah, the surname being open to interpretation. However, when we examine the census pages for Beverly for 1871, 1861, and 1851, we quickly enough find a Thomas Warner of the approximately correct age. Interesting, the Warners are on one of the few every-person census pages to have survived for Beverly Township for 1851. As an added note, the agricultural census pages for 1851 show Thos. Warner on the north half of the 10th lot on the 6th concession.

Considering that the 1875 marriage registration presents us with Thomas and Sarah as the parents of James...Misener, or Wismer, and that they can be reasonably identified as the parents of James Harvey Warner, we are almost certainly dealing with a handwriting problem faced by the clerk at Galt and so this tree shows only one marriage until documentation is found to show another marriage for Isabella. 
NoteInformation regarding the birth year of James Harvy Warner conflicts depending upon the document. The 1871 census in Beverly gives his age as 24 and so 1846 or 1847 should be correct. The 1901 census is likely not accurate as to the year, but the month and day of his birth is taken from this. 

Children of James Harvey Warner and Isabella Misener

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