James Kerr

ID # 6971, (1875-)
FatherDavid Kerr (1832-)
MotherCatherine Duncan (1838-)
BirthJames Kerr was born in 1875 at Quebec. 
NoteA record of baptism for James Kerr has not been found. We do not know the year that the family moved from Sherbrooke to Richmond. Isabella was baptized in Sherbrooke in the year 1872. Although the family was obviously Presbyterian in faith, daughter Magdalene was baptized in the Methodist church in Richmond in February of 1877.

So far as the Drouin collection is concerned, the record books for the Presbyterian church at Richmond are missing for the years 1874 to 1876. An 1877 record book for Richmond Presbyterian church does exist, but it was not created until September of the year and record entry did not begin until October. There are only 8 pages. At a guess, Magdalene was baptized in the Methodist church at Richmond because there was no Presbyterian church there at the time or there was no Presbyterian clergyman available.

Which doesn't explain the absence of a record for James, which may exist somewhere in a welter of other books, but several have been searched and nothing found. 
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