Margaret Ann Keachie

ID # 6767, (1818-1888)
FatherHugh Keachie (1792-1862)
MotherMary Ann Hope McLaren (1796-1858)
BirthMargaret Ann Keachie was born in 1818 at New York. 
MarriageShe married Andrew Hoagg in 1839.
Library & Archives Canada has a database, really an index, for Upper Canada marriage licenses. The information is minimal for it does not say where they were married, when, who by, or who the witnesses might have been. The date shown will be the date of the license and probably not the date of the marriage.

1839-11-05 Hoag, Andran (Andrew) and Keachie, Margaret
RG 5 B9 Vol. 8

The letters and numbers following the names will be a filing reference at the LAC in Ottawa.

Given the early date of the license in 1839, they were likely married late the same year. It's also possible that they were married early in 1840, though unlikely.

A note regarding the above database, which is entitled 'marriage licenses'. Also issued was a marriage bond at Brantford, same date, November 5, 1839. This shows Andrew Hoagg as a resident of Dumfries Township in the Gore District and Margaret Keachie a resident of Burford Township in the London District. We might wonder if the marriage license database drew on the marriage bond database.

We may also note that the Brock District, which included Burford Township came into being in March of 1837. Marriage registrations in Brock, however, do not begin to be recorded until 1839. This probably had to do with the building of such facilities as a court house. Since we do not find the Hoagg-Keachie marriage in either the Brock or London Districts, it may be that their union was reported in the Gore District. Since there was almost certainly a lost first Gore District Marriage
Register and since the second one does not begin to record marriages until 1842, at a guess (entirely) their marriage was probably performed in the Gore District.

Baptism information for their children suggests that their church was Dumfries Street Presbyterian in Paris which sat on the border of Brantford Township and Dumfries Township. They may have been married by a clergyman serving this congregation, but a transcription of the baptism register tells that a formal church was not erected until 1853, though there was a formal congregation there from 1836. This was served bi-monthly by a Rev. Murray.

On 12th August, 1849, an unnamed daughter of Andrew Hoagg was baptized and on the 1st sabbath of July, 1855, Catherine Emily, a daughter of Andrew Hoig and Mrs. Hoig was baptized.

Which is well after their marriage, which could have been anywhere, though was probably located in the portion of the old Gore District that became Brant County.

There is an excellent chance that their marriage was performed by Rev. George Murray who performed marriages in both Gore and Brock and a document does appear that at least associates Andrew Hoagg with both George Murray and Hugh Keachie. See notes for Andrew.

DeathShe died on 21 November 1888 at Ingersoll, Oxford Co., Ontario. 
BurialShe was buried at Ingersoll Rural Cemetery. 
NoteDeath reg. 013429-88 Ingersoll, Oxford Co.
Margaret Ann Hoagg died Nov. 21st, 1888. Age 70. Widow. Presbyterian. Born New York City. Physician Dr. Williams. Informant J. D. Knapp, undertaker.

Margaret's death registration shows her place of birth as New York City. New York State is rather more likely to be correct. 

Child of Margaret Ann Keachie and Andrew Hoagg

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