George Charters Keachie

ID # 6746, (1816-1871)
FatherHugh Keachie (1792-1862)
MotherMary Ann Hope McLaren (1796-1858)
BirthGeorge Charters Keachie was born in 1816 at United States. 
MarriageHe married Mary Smith, daughter of Joseph Smith and Charlotte Douglas, on 20 June 1842 at Brock District, Canada West.
MS248 reel 1, Vol. 2, page 14
Brock District Marriage Register

Extracted from a list of marriages solemnized by Rev. George Murray between June of 1841 and June of 1842. Rev. Murray domiciles himself at Blenheim (Township).

On 20th June, 1842
George Keachie of the Township of Burford and Mary Smith of the Township of Blenheim, both in the Brock District. George is a bachelor and Mary a spinster.
By license. Witnesses John R. Douglas and Geo. W. Douglas.

Two sources index George's surname as Keacher, but a close examination of the handwriting shows his name to be Keachie.

Not a lot of information is to be found for Rev. George Murray. There is just sufficient to say that he was a Presbyterian, though his endorsements on the district marriage records do not identify him as such. See Home & Foreign Record of the Canada Presbyterian Church, November, 1863, page 60. This is 20 years after the Keachie-Smith marriage, but probably the same clergyman. George Murray's marriages are to be found in the Brock District Marriage Register over a number of years and the names of the contracting parties are sufficient to say that most of them would be Presbyterians.
MarriageHe married Rebecca Jane Yardington on 20 April 1859 at Brantford, Brant Co., Canada West.
MS248 reel 5, Vol. 1, page 47
Brant County Marriage Register

Extracted from a list of marriages solemnized by James Campbell Usher, Rector of Grace Church, Brantford (Church of England), for the year ending December 31, 1859.

George C. Keachie, 40, residence Brantford (no other personal information given.
Rebecca Yardington, 23, born and residing Brantford. Parents Henry and Mary Ann Yardington.
Witnesses Warren Totten, G. M. Wilson, H. Yardington, all of Brantford.
On 20 April 1859.

See Brant County branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society's publication nbr. 242, Grace Anglican Church Marriages, 1830-1872, page 25. This records George and Rebecca's marriage and identifies George as a widower. It records that the marriage is by license and places it in Brantford.
DeathHe died on 2 November 1871 at Brantford Township, Brant Co.. 
BurialHe was buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Brantford, Brant Co.. 
NoteDeath reg. 014999-71 Brantford, Brant Co.
George Chs Keachie died October 1871, age 56. Gaoler (jailer). Born U.S. Presbyterian. Physician and informant Dr. E. Griffin, Brantford. Filed by Dr. Griffin on 30 December, 1871.

George's gravestone in Greenwood Cemetery, Brantford, dates his death to November 2, 1871. The Brantford library indexes an obituary in the Brantford Weekly Expositor edtion of November 3. George was the Governor of the Brantford jail according to Sutherland's County of Brant Gazetteer and Directory, 1869-70, so this would have been a local story and the November 2nd death date on George's gravestone is probably correct. 

Children of George Charters Keachie and Mary Smith

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