Jane Smith

ID # 657, (1860-1930)
FatherSamuel Smith (1838-1916)
MotherLavinia Buchanan (1837-)
BirthJane Smith was born on 11 June 1860 at Maple Hill, Bruce County. 
MarriageShe married Daniel Dougherty on 16 May 1892 at Innerkip, East Zorra Twp., Oxford County; The marriage registration for Daniel and Jane is 009527-92. He is a farmer in East Zorra and is age 58. His parents are named as Edmund and Jane Dougherty. Jane's birth place is given as Maple Hill in Bruce County. Her parents are said to be Samuel and Levina Smith. The witnesses are Hugh McColl of East Zorra and Mary McNichol of West Zorra.

This is apparently a first marriage for them both, for he is said to be a batchelor and she a spinster. 
DeathShe died on 12 August 1930 at Norfolk County Home, Woodhouse Twp., Norfolk Co., at age 70. 
BurialShe was buried on 13 August 1930 at Walsh Cemetery. 
NoteJane's marriage registration suggests that she was born in 1856.

Dates for the Dougherty's vary in the records. The 1911 census gives birth years for Daniel Jr. and Francis as 1890 and 1892. The 1901 census shows 1893 and 1896. This is more reasonable, given that Jane and Daniel were married in 1892. Also, in the 1911 census, Francis's name is given as Franklin. Since no birth registrations have been found, the 1901 census information has been used.

Jane's death registration, 026236-30, is confusing, though there seems no doubt that it is for Jane Smith. The person filing the information for the registration, Mary Spencer of Box 476, Simcoe, Ontario, is said to be no relation to the deceased. Jane's name is rendered as Dockerty. Her father's name is shown as Smith, but other information is shown as 'unknown', except that her place of birth is given as Galt. That Jane was born in Bruce County is shown on her marriage registration and this would have been given by Jane herself. This document does show, however, some notion of the area where Jane's family came from. Mary Spencer may be an employee of the home. The place of burial is shown as Walsh Cemetery. There are actually three such cemeteries: Walsh Family, Walsh Baptist and Walsh United. Where Jane is buried is being researched. 

Children of Jane Smith and Daniel Dougherty

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