Jane Philp

ID # 6242, (1819-1890)
BirthJane Philp was born on 5 October 1819 at Littlewood, St. Mabyn Parish, Cornwall. 
MarriageShe married John Kirkpatrick
DeathShe died on 23 May 1890 at Galt, Waterloo Co., Ontario, at age 70. 
BurialShe was buried at Section 2, Mountview Cemetery, Galt, Waterloo Co.. 
NoteDeath reg. 017226-90 Galt, Waterloo Co.
Jane Kirkpatrick died 23rd May 1890. 71. Methodist. Married. Born Weybridge, England. Physician Dr. Vardon. Informant John Kirkpatrick, bailiff, Galt.

As noted above, Jane's date of death, May 23, 1890, is inscribed on her gravestone in section 2 of Galt's Mountview Cemetery. It states that she died in her 71st year. Her place or date of birth is not shown. Her maiden name is not shown.

For some understanding of Jane's history we begin with Obituaries from the Christian Guardian, 1884 to 1890, by Rev. Donald A. McKenzie, Global Heritage Press, 2005. Jane Kirkpatrick's obituary appears on page 244 of this work. Though, as shown above, she died in May of 1890, her obituary did not appear in the Guardian until their December 10, 1890 edition, on page 795.

This identifies Jane's maiden name as Philip and goes on to say that she was born on October 5, 1819, at Littlewood, St. Mabyn Parish, Cornwall, England. She is said to have joined the Methodist Church at Bodmin, Cornwall, in 1846. She is said to have married Henry Webster in England and that one year after his death she moved to Galt, Ontario. A year after that, she is said to have married John Kirkwood. The obituary quotes her date of death as shown above in her death registration and that she was survived by her husband and one son. This is essentially the total of the information that the obituary provides.

At first glance, the above would indicate a conflict with regards to Jane's place of birth. This is shown as Weybridge in her death registration and as such would indicate a locale in the Greater London area. Rather more likely, Wadebridge was intended. This was not directly in Bodman in Cornwall until 1890, but was close.

A marriage which fits the above information is to be found for November 2, 1846, in the Parish of Bodman for Henry Webster and Jane Philp. He is a tailer and his father was Richard Webster, miner, deceased, and her father was Francis Philp, farmer, deceased. A certain record for Henry has yet to be found, but since John Kirkpatrick's first wife, Anna Shupe, was deceased in 1856, we must believe that Jane Philp is his wife so far as the 1861 census in Beverly Township is concerned. This certainly agrees with the marriage registration of son Francis Joseph Kirkpatrick in 1890. 

Child of Jane Philp and John Kirkpatrick

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