Arthur Wm. Edward Moe

ID # 521, (1887-)
FatherWilliam Moe (1857-)
MotherCaroline Bennett (1865-1945)
BirthArthur Wm. Edward Moe was born on 1 August 1887 at Canada. 
MarriageHe married Gertrude M. 
NoteU.S. census records given Edward's birth as being in Canada.

Information for the name of Edward's wife and son is from the 1930 census taken at Kenosha, Wisconsin. They are also in the 1920 census, but the page is very faded and difficult to read. In 1930 he is said tobe doing clerical work in an auto factory.

Edward's full name, per his birth registration, 007027-87, is Arthur Wm. Edward Moe. His birth date is given as August 1, 1887, at Aylmer. His father and the informant is William Moe, laborer, and his mother is Caroline Bennet. 
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