Elijah Miers

ID # 488, (1808-1909)
BirthElijah Miers was born on 25 April 1808 at Canada. 
MarriageHe married Lydia Ann Misener, daughter of Adam Misener and Mary Miller, on 29 May 1843 at Gore District; The 1861 census in Beverly Township shows Elijah and 'Ann' as marrying in 1842, however the Gore District marriage register records 1843 as the year:

MS248 reel 1, Vol.4, page 15
Gore District Marriage Register

Extracted from a list of marriages solemnized by Rev'd John Winterbotham, Baptist.

Elijah Miers of Brantford and Ann Miesner of Beverly, by publication on May 29, 1843. Witnesses John Hammell and James Hammill.

As is typical with marriages from these records, the exact location of the marriage is not given. Rev. Winterbotham was minister at First Baptist Church in Brantford from September of 1842 to July of 1850. Since the marriage was preceded by 'publication' (the reading of the banns of marriage) it may be that the marriage was held in the church. It is still quite possible, however, that the marriage was held at a residence. The best we may say is that the marriage was almost certainly held in the Gore District. 
DeathHe died on 3 June 1909 at Beverly Township, Wentworth County, at age 101. 
NoteDeath reg. 031614-09 Beverly Township, Wentworth Co.
Elijah Myers, died June 3, 1909, birth April 25,1808, age 101 years, 1 month, 7 days. Born Canada. Place of death C4-L21, Beverly, carpenter, widow, father Peter Myers born U.S., mother's name unknown. Informant Robert Riddle, Rockton.Physician A. B. Smillie, M.D.

Census information and a few other records notwithstanding, the family generally spelled their name as Miers. This spelling is found on gravestones and marriage registrations.

It may be noted that the 1912 Rockton World's Fair book has a photograph of Elijah 'Myers' on page 92.

Elijah is probably buried in Troy Cemetery. Lydia is buried there and a stone for her survives. Harley Misener's transcription of Troy Cemetery some years ago does not show a stone for Elijah nor does the more recent OGS transcription.

(Note: Elijah Miers was dead some three years by the time of the 1912 Rockton World's Fair. The associated booklet had photos of Beverly pioneers, most of whom were long dead.) 

Children of Elijah Miers and Lydia Ann Misener

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