Alexander Adair Keachie

ID # 4347, (1823-1891)
FatherJames Keachie (1799-1851)
MotherElizabeth Buchanan (1798-1882)
BirthAlexander Adair Keachie was born in November 1823 at Dumfries Township, Gore District. 
MarriageHe married Hannah Cornell on 19 March 1856 at Beverly Township, Wentworth Co..
GS2987 First Church, Galt

By license in Beverly March 19th, 1856

Alex A. Keachie, yeoman, N. Dfs (North Dumfries)
Hannah Cornell, spinster, Beverly W (Beverly Township in Wentworth Co.)
Witnesses John B. Keachie and John Cornell.

DeathHe died on 29 September 1891 at North Dumfries Township, Waterloo County, at age 67. 
BurialHe was buried at Section 3, Mountview Cemetery, Galt. 
NoteThe 1851 census can be interpreted variously and likely was by the principals at the time. It was supposed to be age as of next birthday. Based on that, it seemed likely that Alexander was born in 1825. His gravestone inscription states that he died September 29, 1891, and that he was 67 years and 10 months of age. This won't be exact and November of 1823 has been calculated as his year of birth.

As mentioned, above, the 1851 census shows an Alexander as the son of James and Elizabeth. That he was Alexander Adair Keachie is confirmed in the document: Waterloo Wills, David R. McKnight, OGS nbr. 15210, Electronic Version (PDF) Shawn D. McKnight, A Genealogical Index of Wills and Estate Documents, 19th Century, Land Registry Office Records, County of Waterloo, etc., 1997 and 2005. The pertinent registration is identified as ND-4399 and identifies his parents as James and Elizabeth.

Death reg. 016204 North Dumfries Twp., Waterloo Co.
Alex Adair Keachie died 29 September 1891, age 67 years and 10 months. Born Canada. Farmer. Informant was Geo. W. Gardiner.

The 1871 census shows Alex and his family in North Dumfries. He is 47, Hannah is 42, Mary is 13, James is 11, Elizabeth is 9, Enoch is 7, Alexander is 5.

At the time of the 1891 census, Alex is 67, Hannah is 62. With them are Elisabeth age 29 and Enoch age 27. 

Children of Alexander Adair Keachie and Hannah Cornell

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