Angeline Hermance

ID # 3047, (1828-1925)
FatherMorgan L. Hermance
MotherHarriet Babcock (1801-1873)
BirthAngeline Hermance was born on 2 July 1828 at Beverly Township, Gore District, Upper Canada. 
MarriageShe married John Kraft on 10 September 1848.
Our source for the marriage date of John Kraft and Angeline Hermance is the Chapman Bros biography of 1893.

It simply states that the couple was married on 10 September, 1848.
DeathShe died on 5 October 1925 at age 97. 
NoteOur sources of information for Abraham Clemmer and Caroline Hermance are Ezra Eby's history of Waterloo Township and Canadian census years. Also of note is the Portrait and Biographical Record Dickinson, Saline, McPherson, and Marion Counties, Kansas, Chapman Bros., Chicago, 1893.

Eby's history, vol. 1, page 867 has a biography for John Kraft. It notes that John and Angeline had 12 children, of which six survived. The six infant deceased children appear to be in what is a Kraft family plot in Section D of what is now First Mennonite Cemetery in Kitchener. Other members of the Kraft family are here, including John Kraft's parents.

The Chapman Brothers biography says that the Kraft family came to Marion County, Kansas, on March 11, 1874.

We do not have a death record per se for Angeline. Find-a-Grave provides a photo of the gravestone of John Kraft. Angeline's name does not appear in the inscription. The entry does, however, state that her death was on 5 Oct., 1925. 
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