James Francis Laidlaw

ID # 2782, (1872-1901)
FatherAdam Laidlaw (1832-1912)
MotherAnn Eliza Able (1835-1878)
BirthJames Francis Laidlaw was born on 10 July 1872 at Beverly Township. 
DeathHe died on 20 April 1901 at Beverly Township at age 28. 
BurialHe was buried at Troy Cemetery. 
NoteBirth reg. 025907-72 Beverly Township, Wentworth Co.
James Laidlaw born 10 July 1872. Parents Adam Laidlaw and Ann Eliza Able. Informant Adam Laidlaw, farmer, Beverly. Attended by Dr. Mainwaring. Registration filed by Adam on the 18th July.

An interesting situation:

The birth registration of James Laidlaw states that he was born on the 10th July, 1872. The 1881 census at Beverly does not show a James with his father, but it does show a Frank, age 8. The 1891 census, again, does not show a James, but does show a Frank, age 18. It's the 1901 census that gets us to the nub of the matter for it provides a space for dates of birth, and it shows Francis, age 28, with date of birth as 10 July, 1872, the same date of birth as James, so recorded. There is nothing in the birth registration to indicate that there were twins. Either Adam and Ann Eliza provided their son with two given names, but only one was recorded, or they decided after the fact that they didn't care for the name James and dropped it all together in favour of Francis (Frank). It's entirely possible that if a baptism record is found, the name James may not be mentioned at all.

Since the name James would have legal status, and the name Francis (Frank) would be the name he answered to, we will go with the former interpretation and record his name as James Francis.

Death reg. 029440-01 Beverly Township, Wentworth Co.
Frank Laidlaw died May 20, 1901 (note that the 1901 census which records him was done in April). Age 28. Residence lot 7, concession 3. Methodist. Attended by Dr. Barber.

The inscription on Frank's gravestone in Troy Cemetery, per the Hamilton Branch of the OGS reads:
Frank Laidlaw/died April 20, 1901/aged 28 yrs., 9 mos., 10 dys. 
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