Nellie Maude Raymer

ID # 254, (1881-)
FatherLudwig Raymer (1852-)
MotherTeresa Evans (1844-)
BirthNellie Maude Raymer was born on 16 November 1881 at Markham, York Co.. 
NoteBirth registration filed long after the fact. 901884-41 This is a Canadian birth registration form and signed by a Minnie M. Raymer in the presence of a Notary Public in Detroit, in Wayne County, Michigan. She gives the name of Nellie Maude Raymer, born November 16, 1881. She gives the names of the parents as Ludwig Raymer and Tressa Evans. She says that at the time of the birth of the child the father was abroad and that he was a horse trainer. She states that Nellie's parents are dead and that she, Minnie, is her older sister by 15 years. This document was signed on the 19th day of May, 1941. It does not say where Nellie Maude is presently living or if she is now married.

In 1898, Nellie is in Detroit. There is an interesting marriage registration showing Nellie Raymer and Flora Merritt as witnesses. There is no apparent relationship to the bridal couple, for they were born in England. Nellie and Flora are first cousins and the reason for their presence at the wedding is unknown:

009640-98 London, Middlesex Co.
Jesse Corbin 25, born England, residing London, parents Edward Corbin and Emma Fry.
Edith Jane Hutchinson, 19, born London, England, residing London, parents Philip W. Hutchinson and Jessie Grant.
Witnesses Flora Merritt of London and Nellie Raymer of Detroit, on 21 July, 1898, at London. 
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