David Able

ID # 210, (1786-1858)
BirthDavid Able was born on 11 January 1786 at United States. 
MarriageHe married Mary Dineen
DeathHe died on 11 August 1858 at Beverly Twp, Wentworth County, Ontario, at age 72. 
BurialHe was buried at Troy Cemetery. 
NoteThe spelling of the Abel name varies. Early census and assessment records for Beverly spell the name as Obble, or Aubel, likely indicative of the pronunciation at the time. David and Mary have their name spelled on their grave stone as Able. David and Mary may well have used Able, for it is so spelled on the Surrogate Court copy of David's will. The next two generations, at least Wesley and Mary, seem to have used Abel at least at times. The name here is presented as Able, though this may not always be consistent with the records.

Dates for the deaths of David and Mary Able are taken from the transcription of the Troy cemetary stones made in 1969 by Harley Misener. David's stone reads 'David Able Sr., 11 August 1858, 72 yrs, 7 months'. Mary's stone reads 'his wife Mary, 22 Mar 1868, 78 yrs, 22 dys'. Their birth dates are calculated based on this. (It should be said that papers with David's will also agree with the date of his death.)

The stones also record David Jr. 27 August 1838, 20 yrs, 7 months; Esther 28 August 1867, 46yrs, 1 month, 21 dys; Elizabeth Able, 1 November 1882, 70th yr - she is buried with her husband John Cumming; Anne Able, 10 April 1878, 45 yrs, native of Canada - she is buried with her husband Adam Laidlaw.

David Auble appears in the 1819 land assessment of Beverly and in the 1825 Beverly census.

One other note about the will of David Able (GS2 reel 226, pages 265-267): His son David has predeceased, so he isn't mentioned in the will, but the other children are. Wesley is mentioned separately, but then all the daughters are mentioned in the will and research has shown that they appear in the will in order of their age. Ann Eliza's name is entered as it appears in the will. None of the names of the spouses appear in the will as such, but John Cumming, the husband of Elizabeth, and John Gamble, the husband of Harriett, are referred to as 'trusted friends' and appear, along with son Wesley, as executors.

David 'Obble' appears in the Beverly Abstract Index for the second concession, lot number eleven, as purchasing the north half of 100 acres of the lot from Matthew Bennett (the memorial for the transactions adds Thankful Bennett, Matthew's wife). Later in the index he appears as transferring half this land to his son Wesley. At this point their name is spelled Auble. Later records show the name as Able.
The date of the purchase of the lot from Matthew Bennett is 27 January 1818. This was registered on 14 May 1818. The registration number is A263. The memorial from the copy book doesn't add much for the transaction, but does mention that David Obble is of the Township of Trafalgar. A263 is ex microfilm GS1421, pages 31 and 32.

We may mention here that a Philip Triller, who was from New Jersey, had an inn in Trafalgar Township. We have no direct evidence, but it is possible that David Able was Philip Triller's cousin and may have stayed at Philip's inn until he established himself in Beverly. This is only a possibility.

The document transferring half the land to son Wesley is A107. This transaction is dated August of 1848. The one point of interest is that the document is witnessed by John Cumming and Harriet Able. The memorial shows Wesley signing his name as Auble and Harriet signing her name as Able.

Considering the birth years of the Able children, Esther and the later children were likely all born in Beverly. David Jr. was likely born in Trafalgar (his birthday is the same date as the purchase of the Beverly farm). Elizabeth's death registration, however, states that she was born in the United States, so it would appear that David and Mary met and married prior to their journey to Upper Canada. Mary Able Coleman's death registration is based on information given by her son Wesley. The registration says that she was born in 'Ontario, Supposed to be in Beverly.' Since her birth is prior to her parents purchasing land in Beverly, she may have been born in Trafalgar. Her birth seems likely to predate their coming to Beverly Township.

There is some evidence to suggest that David Able and Mary Dineen were both born in New Jersey. This remains to be confirmed. 

Children of David Able and Mary Dineen

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