Jonathon Smith

ID # 203, (1830-)
BirthJonathon Smith was born in January 1830. 
MarriageHe married Margaret Buckberrough, daughter of George Buckberrough and Sarah Coleman, on 7 January 1862 at Mt. Pleasant, Brant County, Ontario; MS248 reel 5 Vol. 1 page 100
Brant County
Jonathan B. Smith, 31, born Waterloo residing Simcoe. Parents Sam'l and Adilin Smith.
Marg't. Buckberry, 23, born Beverly, residing Townsend. Parents George and Sarah Buckberry.
Witnesses Thos. G. Hulbert and Mary Robinson, both of Brantford.
On 7 January, 1862.
According to John G. Laird, Wesleyan Methodist Minister, the above marriage will have been performed by his predecessor, Rev. Asabel Hulbert of the Mt. Pleasant Circuit of the Wesleyan Methodist Church. 
NoteJonathan does not appear to be buried with Margaret and it seems likely that he was buried in the U.S. for he was there in 1900 at Newhaven, Michigan, with son Byron.

By way of Jonathon's marriage registration which states that he is the son of Samuel and Adelia, it seems safe to say that he is the son of Samuel Wilson Cowden Smith and Adelia Benedict. Samuel seems to have been married three times and who all his children were or just who their mothers were isn't clear. Jonathon isn't mentioned in Samuel's will, but there were other children unmentioned. Little documentation regarding Samuel's family seems to have survived.

(A note here: A preamble to the Hamilton Branch of the OGS's transcription of Lyndon Cemetery names Adelia Benedict Smith as Amelia. Jonathon's marriage registration naming her Adelia seems to be correct and compares well with the Wood Tree as it appears in the 1947 booklet A History of the People of Troy wherein Adelia Benedict, wife of Samuel Smith, is shown as the mother of Asenath Smith who married Lewis Wood.)

Jonathon will be either brother or half brother to Eliza Smith who married James Vrooman and to Albert Smith who married Amelia Misener, both of whom appear elsewhere in this tree. 

Children of Jonathon Smith and Margaret Buckberrough

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