John Anderson Kemp

ID # 1854, (1883-)
FatherThomas Arthur Kemp (1833-1913)
MotherAdelaide Augusta Patterson (1844-1911)
BirthJohn Anderson Kemp was born in 1883. 
MarriageHe married Mabel Bernice Gagan on 8 December 1915 at Baptist Parsonage, Beamsville, Ontario.
The marriage registration is barely readable. Parts of it are faded and the town of birth for the bride, somewhere in North Dakota, is illegible.

Mrge reg. .....-15 Beamsville, Lincoln Co., Ontario
John Andrew Kemp, age 32, born and residing North Grimsby. Bachelor, farmer. Baptist.
Parents Thomas Arthur Kemp and Adelaide Patterson.
Mabel Bernice Gagan(?), 19, born illeg. North Dakota, residing North Grimsby.
Presbyterian. Parents Thomas Gagan and Minnie L. Jackson.
Witnesses Wm. Kemp and Ella Lee Kemp, both of North Grimsby.
At the Baptist Parsonage, Beamsville, Lincoln Co., on 8 Dec 1915. Clergyman C.E. MacLeod, Beamsville.
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