John Coleman Vrooman

ID # 185, (1827-1828)
FatherAdmiral Nelson Vrooman (1799-1882)
MotherRachel Coleman (1806-1896)
BirthJohn Coleman Vrooman was born in 1827. 
DeathHe died in 1828. 
NoteWe take our information about John Coleman Vrooman's short life from The Vrooman Family in America, 1949, by Grace Vrooman Wickersham and Ernest Bernard Comstock. Rachel Coleman, the wife of Admiral Nelson Vrooman, was the daughter of John Coleman and so the child would have been named after his grandfather. There were not many cemeteries in the area when John Coleman Vrooman died in 1828, though the cemetery at Copetown was established in 1825 and the first burial there recorded was in 1826, so young John could have been buried there. It is also possible that the child was buried on the family farm. Nelson and Rachel did not sell their land at lot 4, concession 1, in Beverly until 1845.

In later years, the cemetery at Lynden was likely the closest to the family farm. A very early gravestone exists at Jerseyville, but this may represent a transferal of remains in later years.

It seems likely that John Coleman Vrooman was born and died in Beverly Township. 
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