Elizabeth Garphelia Smith

ID # 1487, (1848-1891)
FatherCharles John Smith (1822-1907)
MotherMargaret Vrooman (1823-1907)
BirthElizabeth Garphelia Smith was born in 1848 at Dunnville, Ontario. 
MarriageShe married Peter Kelly on 5 August 1870 at Stratford, Perth, Ontario.
Mrge reg. Stratford, Perth County
Peter Kelly, 21, bachelor, born Gore of Downie, residing Stratford. Parents James and Susan.
Elizabeth Smith, 21, spinster, born Dunnville, Ontario, residing Stratford. Parents Charles and Margaret.
On August 5, 1870, at Stratford, by Rev. Chas. Lavalle.
Witnesses John Getchell and George Elder, both of Stratford.
DeathShe died on 25 October 1891 at Seaforth, Huron County, Ontario. 
BurialShe was buried at Maitlandbank Cemetery, Seaforth, Huron County. 
NoteIt is difficult to follow with any clarity just what happened with Elizabeth Smith and her husband, Peter Kelly. We find their marriage in Stratford on 5 August 1870. Peter and Elizabeth are both shown as 21 and living in Stratford. Peter's place of birth is shown as Gore of Downie and Elizabeth's is shown as Dunnville. His parents are shown as James and Susan and hers as Charles and Margaret. The 1871 census shows Peter and Elizabeth in Stratford and indicates that they were married the previous August. The difficulty is that the 1871 census also shows Elizabeth Smith with her parents in Seaforth and there is nothing to indicate that she is married. The 1881 census shows Peter in Downie Township with his parents, James and Susan, and with a number of siblings. This census shows Peter as being married, but no indication of a wife present. The 1881 census at Seaforth shows again Elizabeth Smith, but this does indicate that she is married. Elizabeth survived to the time of the 1891 census in Seaforth, but died not long after. Peter died in 1884 in Downie Township. No record of any children has been found for Peter and Elizabeth.

When Elizabeth died, her father was the informant and gave her place of birth as Windham in Norfolk County. Elizabeth, however, on her marriage registration shows her place of birth as Dunnville. Dunnville seems rather more likely.

Huron County Branch of the OGS provides us with a transcription of Maitlandbank Cemetery. Elizabeth is buried with her parents under the name of Smith. Her death date on the transcription agrees with her date of death on her death registration. Her middle name is shown as Garphelia. 
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