Eunice Buckberrough

ID # 120, (1829-1916)
FatherGeorge Buckberrough (1794-1866)
MotherSarah Coleman (1795-1881)
BirthEunice Buckberrough was born on 18 January 1829 at Beverly Township, Wentworth County. 
MarriageShe married James William Lawrason, son of Thomas Lawrason and Charity Deneen, on 24 March 1847 at Gore District; MS248 reel 1, Vol. 4, page 66
Gore District Marriage Register
Marriages by John Law, Wesleyan Minister

James W. Lawrison and Eunice Buckborough, both of Beverly, on March 24, 1847, by 'Publication' (the reading of banns).
Witnesses Conrad Misener and Zachariah Smith.

Transcriptions of this record show the first witness as Conrad Misener. The handwriting for 'Conrad' is questionable, but the transcription is reasonable. There were two Conrad Miseners in Beverly, uncle and nephew, but we are on safe ground saying this was Conrad the nephew, son of Adam Misener and his first wife Mary Miller, for the newspaper clipping mentioned under notes for Eunice tell that Conrad, who attended the 60th wedding anniversary was James' best man. Conrad Misener, the uncle, was long dead by this time.

As recorded, both James and Eunice were of Beverly. Both were raised in the Troy area. There was a Methodist Church at Troy, but this was Episcopal Methodist. The closest Wesleyan Methodist church was at
St. George. It's possible that the clergyman married the couple at the bride's home, or it may be that the marriage was held in an area Wesleyan church. A record showing location for a marriage in the district or county registers is not typical. 
DeathShe died on 3 July 1916 at Troy Village, Lot 7, Conc. 3, at age 87. 
BurialShe was buried at Troy Cemetery. 
NoteThe names for the children of James and Eunice are from A History of the People of Troy, 1947, and confirmed, where possible, by census information and any other registration that has come to hand.

From The Marriage Registers of Upper Canada/Canada West, Vol. 13: Gord District 1842-1856. Compiled by Dan Walker & Fawne Stratford-Devai:Under marriages by Rev'd John Law, Wesleyan Minister (p.66)
James W. Lawrison, to Unice Buckborough, both of Beverly. 24 Mar. 1847, by banns. Rev. Law.

Delores MacIntyre has kindly provided a photocopy of a newspaper clipping from 1897. The name of the paper is not known, though it may well have been the Brantford Expositor. The story is entitled: Golden Wedding at Troy. The article is lengthy and what follows is a summation, mainly in terms of naming the attendees.

The celebration was held on March 24, 1897, on the fiftieth anniversary of the marriage of Eunice and James. Mr. Peter Wood of Brantford, James' brother-in-law, was master of ceremonies.

Present, in addition to Herbert Lawrason, the couple's son, was:
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wood, Brantford (Lucinda Jerusha), and Mr. and Mrs. John Parsons, Bookton. The two ladies being sisters of James.

Mr. and Mrs. D. Buckborough, Waterloo (Daniel and Eliza);

Mr. and Mrs. J. Buckborough, Bookton (James Coleman Buckberrough and his wife Rachel), H. Buckborough, Detroit (Hugh). The three gentlemen were brothers of Eunice.

J. Smith, Tyrell, brother-in-law to Eunice (Jonathan Smith was married to Margaret Buckberrough).

Mr. and Mrs. C. Misner, Troy. Conrad Misener was James's best man. (This is Conrad Misener, son of Adam Misener and his first wife Mary Miller. At the time of the celebration, Conrad was there with his second wife Elizabeth Prine, or Perrine.)

Mr. and Mrs. H. Cornell of St. George (Sarah) and Mr. and Mrs. H.B. Adams (Alfretta) of Brantford. The two ladies were daughters of James and Eunice.

The following grandchildren were present: Eva Cornell, Nellie Cornell, Ackman (Aikman) Cornell, Jas. Cornell, Geo. Cornell, all apparently of St. George; and Mary E. Adams, Maggie Adams, Eliza Adams, James and Albert Adams, all apparently of Brantford.

Nieces (of James, apparently) were Mrs. J.R. Colter of Brantford and Miss E. Parsons of Rockton.

A nephew, W. Sager was there with his wife. (This could be either William or Wellington Sager, sons of James' sister Elizabeth.)

Other guests from Troy were: Mr. and Mrs. Alex Ironside, Mr. and Mrs. J. Gamble, Mr. and Mrs. A. Laidlaw, Miss K. Misener (Kate Hood), Mr. A. Misener, age 99 (Adam), and S. Wood (This is likely Samuel Wood.)

From Seaforth: Mrs. B. Adams.
From Dundas: Mr. and Mrs. H. Vanevery.
From Brantford: Mr. and Mrs. J. Wood.

Death reg. 033269-16 Beverly Twp., Wentworth Co.
Eunice Lawrason died July 3, 1916, at Lot 7, conc. 3, Troy Village. Age 88. Burial Troy Cemetery. Born Canada. Housewife, married. Parents George Buckborough and Sarah Coleman. Informant Herbert Lawrason, Troy. 

Children of Eunice Buckberrough and James William Lawrason

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