William Buckberrough

ID # 115, (1819-1877)
FatherGeorge Buckberrough (1794-1866)
MotherSarah Coleman (1795-1881)
BirthWilliam Buckberrough was born on 2 September 1819 at Wentworth County. 
MarriageHe married Frances Elizabeth Sutton
DeathHe died on 23 July 1877 at Woodstock, Oxford County, Ontario, at age 57. 
BurialHe was buried at Jerseyville Cemetery, Ancaster, Ontario. 
NoteDeath date, place of death, and place of birth listed on death certificate #010947-77.

In 1866, William resided in Lynden when his daughter Martha married. Census records show him in Oakland and at the time of his death he was a resident of Woodstock.

William's death registration shows his place of birth as Wentworth County. The Dickson Papers show John Buckberry purchasing the south half of lot 12 on the 3rd concession of Dumfries on December 2, 1818. George Buckberry purchased the s/w quarter of lot 11 on the same concession on Jan. 8, 1819. George did not purchase his lot on the first concession of Beverly until 1829. William may indeed have been born in Dumfries Township. The Colemans were established in the Troy area of Beverly since 1816 and it may have been prudent for Sarah to give birth in her parents' home. Still, the possibility exists that William and some of his siblings were born in Dumfries. 

Children of William Buckberrough and Frances Elizabeth Sutton

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